Wordpress Slider Plugin

WordPress Plugin Series: iFeature Slider

CyberChimps inc. has just released a new WordPress Slider plugin, the iFeature Slider Plugin. This slider plugin is very user-friendly. With the new Drag-and-Drop user interface built into this plugin, it takes only a few seconds to setup your sliders. Easily drag your images in and reorder them however you would like.

Target Audience

This plugin is an essential for any website owner who wants to display galleries or images. Because the audience is so wide, the plugin has been designed for the newest WordPress user, to the most advanced WordPress user. The plugin has been tested by a range of WordPress users and Webmasters and that data helped CyberChimps create this fantastic WordPress slider plugin.


Wordpress Slider Plugin


Slider Plugin for WordPress


Key Features

  • Easily upload images
  • Drag-and-Drop interface to order the slides
  • Add a slider to a page or post with 1 click, by selecting the slider name (instead of copying and pasting shortcodes)
  • Set the delay and transition speeds

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