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What is Agile Working? - Startup Champ

In the last couple of years there has been more and more talk about the concept of agile working in the workplace. Thing is, not everyone knows exactly what is involved and what is or isn’t common practice, so the wonderful minions at Office Principles have come up with a new, descriptive infographic telling us all about the ins and outs of effective agile working. It’s packed full of useful tips and advice that any business would love to have to hand. Were you aware, for example, that the Lego headquarters is not only completely open plan but is full of inspiring Lego creations to help get their worker’s cogs turning? All of this and more to learn and share below…


Created by Office Princples

Office Principles is business interior company that specialises in making your workspace work for you. They also help with office planning, office relocation and office refurbishment. They have a credible portfolio of work and clients, and are experts in their field.

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