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The Importance of Window Displays and How to Get Them Right - Startup Champ

Does your business involves selling from a physical location, where you need to attract customers off the street? If so, you need to be giving some serious thought to your window displays. Your shopfront and the display in its window is the first impression that your potential customers get of you business. Much like someone buying a house, they aren’t going to walk inside if the exterior doesn’t impress them. Your window display is your chance to let the people walking past know who you are. You should use it as an opportunity to display your brand and tell passersby what you can do for them. Not only is it enticing people in when you’re open, but it continues to work when you’re closed.

How Can Your Window Display Draw in Customers?

You can track the way that your window display should lead customers from the pavement to a purchase. First the attraction of the display makes the potential customer stop and look. They begin to consider the goods your shop has to offer. Once you have their attention, they begin to look more closely at what you’re selling, and your shop holds their interest. Your stock and the way it’s displayed should impress them, leading them to come into the shop and make a purchase.

How Can You Make a Successful Window Display?

It’s not as easy as knowing the importance of setting up a window display. The hard part is in executing a design that will make people stop and look, and that will then hold their attention.

Plan Well

Don’t go rushing into a display. It would be a mistake to think you can just start and figure out how everything will look as you go along. Start by deciding on a budget and planning a timescale. You should know what you want your window display to achieve. You could write down objectives, so you’re clear of the display’s purpose. Make sure that when you’re planning your design you go outside and look at the window from a customer’s viewpoint. Take inspiration from other window display campaigns, noting what people respond to.

Show Window Display

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Light, Colour and Movement

The use of light, colour and movement is extremely important in window displays. These are the things that will catch people’s eyes. Light is especially important, as your lights will also keep the display going at night. Lighting makes a huge different to a display, so experiment with it and what it can do. You could use anything from spotlights to LED image frames, like the ones available at gpxgroup.com. Colour goes hand in hand with light, making the display more attractive overall. Movement is another big attraction. In fact, studies by the Point of Purpose and Advertising Institute have shown that movement could increase sales by up to 317%.

Creating a successful window display takes time. You may not be successful on the first try, but you should change your display regularly. Keep trying and note what works and what doesn’t.


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