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The functionality of VoIP and the advantages it can offer your business - Startup Champ


The fact that the technology is linked to the Internet also brings the advantage of integrating VoIP phones to other services such as video chat, instant messenger clients, file sharing and management of phone books, Microsoft produce software called Lync, it may be of interest to you if you want to integrate instant messenger, file sharing, etc. with your other business communications.

Being re-laid via the Internet also means that the call cost is independent of the location and schedules of use, both in the collection parameters used in fixed and mobile telephony and whose values ​​vary from carrier to carrier. Several VoIP service packages include features that were seen in the traditional networks, which were charged, separately as three-way conference, call forwarding, automatic redial and caller ID.

Although widely used by computers, VoIP can also be used via adapters for analog phones or gateways, gateways are devices that can be connected directly to a broadband connection, a telephone or a common PBX in positions of trunks or extensions. They provide the interconnection between IP networks.

What Is The Advantage Of VoIP Over PSTN?

When using a PSTN line, you generally pay the airtime to the company that manages the telephone line: the more time you and your employees spend on the phone, the more you pay. In addition, you can only talk to one person at a time. VoIP, allows you to talk to the person you want (provided he or she is connected to the Internet at the same time), as long as you want (no additional cost), you can even talk to multiple people at the same time. If you’re still not convinced about VoIP, consider that it is simultaneously possible to exchange data with your contacts, send images, graphics and videos.

So Why Does Not Already Have VoIP?

Unfortunately, we must recognize the problems of VoIP integration and Internet architecture. As you can probably imagine, voice and data communications require real-time transmission (we do not want to speak and then wait several seconds for the answer to come from the person at the other end). This constraint is in contradiction with the heterogeneous architecture of the Internet, which includes many routers (switching equipment packages), a typical number is 20-30 or more, giving a time trip (RTT, round trip time).

The Future of VoIP

From the indications, we see from current projects being implemented by companies that work with VoIP today, according to market analysts one of the next steps in the evolution of VoIP is the complete extinction of the current model for long-distance calls (DDD / IDD) for PSTN and, further, perhaps the eradication of conventional telephony. The future technology of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the unified communications (UCoIP) (Unified Communication over IP).

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