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The Benefits of Flexible Office Space for Startups - Startup Champ

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The reality of being a start-up business is not quite as glamorous as you might first imagine. You may not be able to afford a super hot business premises immediately. In fact, you may have to start a business in your bedroom and basement. When you begin your career in the world of business, you need to have as few overheads as you can. One way you might consider cutting down on your start-up costs is by having a flexible office. Having a flexible office means that you and your staff members can work from anywhere in the world. You can get short-term office lets when you need to, but for much of the year your business will be at home. Many new businesses are giving this unique technique a trial run. Here are just a few of the benefits to having a flexible office space.

1. It Will Cost You Less Money

The most obvious reason new business owners might opt for a flexible office is down to funding. If, when you first start your business, funding is tight then you need to prioritise things. Having a permanent business premises might not be important to you as having the right members of staff on-board. A cool, urban office doesn’t always mean that your business will be a success. Make sure that you save vital funds for the most important things to your business. You can always invest in a premises when you have the money to do so. For now, there are many options available to you of which you must take proper advantage. By saving money on not letting an office space, you can pump cash into the areas of your business that need expanding. Hiring staff, buying tools or software and marketing your business are all vital. You should prioritise these things before you rent an office space.

2. Your Business Is Mobile

When you have a flexible office, your business is mobile. That means that you can take your business wherever it needs to be at any time. Should you need to fly to a country to meet a new client, you can take your business with you in the form of your laptop. Regus Heathrow allows people to rent out office space, meeting rooms and private workstations. You don’t need a business class ticket to access these offices, meaning that just about anyone can rent some space. With so much business now going online, you can work from anywhere in the world. Make sure that you back-up all your materials in a quality cloud system so that you can access it from wherever you happen to be. The ability to set-up your office anywhere, at any time means that you have the freedom to travel for work. You can make new contacts whilst never leaving your virtual office.

3. You Can Recruit From Anywhere In The World

When you open an office in a certain area, you must choose staff members who live nearby so that they can commute to the office. Having a flexible office means that you can recruit staff from anywhere in the world. That in itself opens up a wider pool of people from which to hire your staff. You can ensure that you get the best people for the job, no matter where they happen to live. As you will all be working from home, you can hire people on a freelance basis from around the globe. Make sure that you set rigid working hours when you can contact your staff, so that they are always in touch with you. Communication is the key to any successful business.

4. You Can Test New Markets With Ease

The ability to move around with your work means that you can test new markets. You might want to get a short-term let, in a new city to see whether your business could survive there. The fact that you can move around and trial new ideas in new places, means that your business is flexible and adaptable. Having a business that can change with the times is essential to any good business model.

About The Author

Gus Ba is a serial entrepreneur, web designer, and web developer. He enjoys exploring new opportunities and hopes to one day make a meaningful difference in the world.

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