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Solopreneur Series: Why You Should Be A Solopreneur?

be a solopreneur

Solopreneur is the one who works for himself. Every single person wants to be an entrepreneur these days but creating a million dollar business out of nothing is difficult. Not every idea would work and there is high amount of risk in that. Solopreneurship allows you to walk down the road of success all by yourself with extremely high success ...

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Important Lessons for Wannabe Entrepreneurs

Who wants to be a millionaire

What is an Entrepreneur anyway, and how do you know if you have what it takes to become one? It has a lot to do with how you think and what you think about. It also takes commitment, and some daring. Fear never accomplished anything for anyone. Doubt kills the courage it takes to believe in what you do. So cross ...

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How to Create an Online Profile To Boost your Business

online profiles

Today we are in an age where you no longer meet the customer that you’re doing business with. You will interact with other entrepreneurs without ever meeting face to face. Some of your best customers and closest business associates will be people that you know only through your communications online and they would definitely begin that by looking at your ...

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How To Be More Innovative?

How to be more innovative?

Have you been wondering why you weren’t gifted with creativeness? Why aren’t you innovative enough to come up with a new business idea? Why can’t you just create something that has never been created before? Whenever I visit a conference or meet-up of budding entrepreneurs, I get into a depression after listening to their new innovative ideas and how they ...

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5 Must-Know Things For Branding Your Business

branding your business

Branding isn’t about having a good logo, matching design and talking of your brand all the time. Branding involves much more than this… it involves building trust and credibility. You customers must know you and have trust in you. There’s a lot in branding that must know of… Here are some things that you should do for branding your business ...

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8 Things You Need to be a Successful Entrepreneur

8 Things You Need to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is the new buzz word. It seems like everyone wants to get rid of those monotonous 9 to 5 jobs and be one’s own boss. While many of you would just dream about being an entrepreneur, there would be few who would actually work on it. This post is for the latter ones. If you want to know the ...

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7 Important Things You Must Do for Branding


Branding your business is much tougher than marketing and sales. You can easily make money by selling a product but to become a leader or a brand, you need to put in a lot of efforts. Such efforts need to be carefully planned. But before you go on with that, you must know about the 7 most important things you ...

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Monitoring Your Business Success through Key Performance Indicators

Baby Success

In order to measure how successful your business truly is, it is important to have and use a business performance scorecard. A business performance scorecard allows the business owner to set key performance indicators for each area of the business.

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5 Reasons Why Customer Surveys Are Extremely Important For Your Business

Customer Survey

Do you ever complete those customer surveys that you receive in the mail or find online? The fact is that some people really do take the time to respond to these surveys. This is especially true if they have had a really good experience or a really poor experience with a particular business.

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WordPress Plugin Series: iFeature Slider

Wordpress Slider Plugin

CyberChimps inc. has just released a new WordPress Slider plugin, the iFeature Slider Plugin. This slider plugin is very user-friendly. With the new Drag-and-Drop user interface built into this plugin, it takes only a few seconds to setup your sliders. Easily drag your images in and reorder them however you would like. Target Audience This plugin is an essential for any ...

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WordPress Plugin Series: Meme Generator WordPress Plugin


As most of you know I am the author on Start Up Champ that writes the WordPress Theme reviews. Well today I am launching a new series, the WordPress Plugin Series, to give you guys even more helpful information about WordPress. The first plugin I want to share with you is the newly released Meme Generator WordPress Plugin by Unlimit ...

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Open for Business – Start-Ups in Egypt


In the last five years, Egypt has received $200 billion of foreign investment and is set to receive further billions, this time from Qatar. Not only that, if the Egyptian Government plays its economic cards right and implements austerity measures successfully, the country is in line for a $5 billion loan from the IMF. Much to the relief of consumers ...

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