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5 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

instagram marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networking site at present but it seems like businesses are quite doubtful when it comes to using instagram marketing to make more sales or increase the customer base. Maybe things like, the inability to generate leads directly through the platform or the fact that it might end up like Facebook which ...

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How to Use Facebook Groups For Business?

facebook groups for business

Last day, we discussed about how to use facebook groups for promotion of your business. We highlighted the importance of facebook groups and how they can help us in achieving our sales and marketing target. One thing we didn’t emphasize in the last articles was use of facebook groups for business, specifically their importance in branding of your business. Today ...

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10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business

social media marketing for business

Social Media Marketing for businesses have become crucial than never before. You just can’t play an old school and not focus on social media. There are brands which are making millions of dollars just because of their social media presence. There are companies that are winning the trust of their customers because of social media. They’re growing. What about you? ...

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Get Prepared for Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

On April 21,2015, Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm would roll out. While previous algorithms like Penguin, Panda almost caught every webmaster off guard, this time Google decided to play an angel, rather than a devil for webmasters. The announcement of Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm comes with a number of guidelines and measures that can help webmasters to take quick action and ...

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10 Things that make you less productive at work

less productive at work

The main thing that matters at work is your productivity. If you’re less productive at work, not only you would face the wrath of your clients or manager but also you would ruin your personal and professional life. And I certainly don’t want that and that’s why I thought of sharing 10 things that help me to be productive at ...

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The Deep Connection Of Depression And Entrepreneurship

depression and entrepreneurship

Depression and entrepreneurship – aren’t these two things totally unrelated?  Who talks about depression while talking about this awesome profession? An entrepreneur is a person at whom all the school going kids look upon. They consider them their role models but what would they think when they would know that their role model is battling depression? Depression is real and ...

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Is Innovation for the challenging behaviours the next big thing?

innovation for autistic

What is happening in the world for the people with challenged behaviour? We can’t just let them be as they’re. While new innovations are taking the technology market by storm, innovation for the challenging behaviours is rare, but MUCH NEEDED. Does that mean there are no innovations for the people who have some kinds of disorders? Is there nothing that ...

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