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Starting Out as a Web Designer: What to Do - Startup Champ

If you want to become a web designer, you have a lot of work ahead of you. It’s no good being a good web designer; you need to be a spectacular web designer in order to stand out from the rest of them! Not that I’m trying to put you off or anything. I recommend that you teach yourself what to do. Yes, you could do a course in a college, but this doesn’t make any real difference other than it costs you a whole lot more money. So, let’s talk about this as if you’re going to teach yourself. Here’s what to do:

Starting out as a web designer

Know What You Must Do

As a web designer, your job will be to create the visual elements of a website. This includes the colors, layout, formatting, and more. It’s no secret that you’ll need a good grasp of design fundamentals in order to get to grips with the major design software that designers like iKonix studios use.

Software to Use

The most popular software that designers use is Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. There are many of tutorials online that you can find for free, or you can pay a reasonable price for an online tutorial for something more in depth. A knowledge of adobe fireworks and dreamweaver will be beneficial too. It’ll take time to learn how to use these effectively, so you must be patient. Basic programming language includes; HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash and PHP. You’ll need to learn those to have the right skills to continue in this industry. SEO knowledge will take you far too. If you can optimize a site for the search engines as best you can as you build it, you’ll already be doing a better job than most designers.

This kind of job is exciting, as you never stop learning. Ever. You must always continue to learn new practices and keep up to date with the industry in order to produce relevant, top notch work. read books, blogs, and articles to learn as much as possible. Make sure you’re passionate about what you do above all else!

Make Your Own Site

Here’s your first project! Make your own business website. Don’t worry too much about getting it perfect to start with, as you can add other elements as you continue to learn skills. Give yourself a site launch date and stick to it to keep you motivated. Always test your site before launching it, to make sure that it’s usable.

Build a Portfolio Site

Once you know what you’re doing, you’ll need to build a portfolio site to show clients. For your first few jobs, remember that you should simply be building your portfolio rather than trying to make big money. Charge reasonably.

Remember; there’s nothing you can’t do when you’re armed with determination and a positive attitude! Take different experiences and opportunities and use them to improve as a designer. You’ll soon be on the way to success; you just need to be patient. Enjoy the journey!

About The Author

Gus Ba is a serial entrepreneur, web designer, and web developer. He enjoys exploring new opportunities and hopes to one day make a meaningful difference in the world.

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