Start Ups and SEO: How to Market on a Budget

Start Ups and SEO: How to Market on a Budget

SEO can be a problematic endeavour for a fledgling company. For many, they believe that they need a never ending sum of money to pay for SEO. Many start-ups are aware that SEO can help them in the online marketplace. Business owners know that the key to success often lies within online marketing endeavours. But, many do not understand how to take this route to success. What is more, they are unsure of how to do this on a budget.

Start-ups don’t have a huge budget to work with in the first two years. However, these first two years of business are critical to their overall success and longevity. The average business owner is not thinking of ways that they can spend money. They are often thinking about how they can save money for the long term.


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Hiring an experienced SEO agency can be expensive in the initial days of the company’s start-up. It is important to realise that SEO is not just for established corporations. It can be used as a positive marketing tool for start-ups too. Besides, it does not have cost a fortune to implement:

On Page Success

In the early days of your company, you need to consider your one-page marketing endeavours. By utilising an on page strategy, you are ensuring your rightful place in search engine results. Content marketing can assist with this. SEO reseller services can support you with your quest for generating content to convert into on page success. The content should link back to your website so that customers are aware of your services as well as others. This is a cost effective of increasing your ranking within SERPS.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Social media is not just for big, established companies. Start-ups should research how larger organisations conduct themselves in the world of social media. Twitter and Facebook accounts are free to set up. This is a cost-effective way to market your product and service in the online community. You need to be consistent in your approach to social media. Daily posts, images and customer support should be completed as a critical business function. Assigning one member of your team to do this will result in social media success for your company. Facebook now has a version of Google Analytics within its midst. This is called Insights. This will enable you to measure your social media success.

Launch a Blog: Keep it Original and Consistent

Every new company should a have blog section within its website. This could be updated daily or weekly. The key is to consistently update the page and ensure that all the content within the blog is relevant and fresh. You can ask different members of your team to assist with this. By having different perspectives on your product, your customers will have a well-rounded view of your company. What is more, you can use this as a topical blog to inform your clients about news and progression with your particular sector.

SEO does not have to cost the earth to implement, but it can make you a lot of money in the process.