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Show Your Employees You Care with These Easy Methods - Startup Champ

The happiness and health of your employees are paramount to the success of your business. Unhappy employees don’t work well, especially if they feel underappreciated. Employees who feel they aren’t being treated fairly will harbour resentment. This creates a bad atmosphere and depletes workplace morale. Showing your employees you care isn’t an effortless job, but it is something that you can do with lots of small gestures.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to do it, and it should be something that’s woven into the fabric of your employees’ time at work. Grand gestures may feel like a token to get them on your side (although a bonus never goes amiss). They should feel appreciated every day. Combine simple everyday things with special treats for ultimate success in employee happiness.

Be Polite and Positive

On an everyday level, don’t forget to be both polite and positive to your employees. Being in a more senior position is no excuse for rudeness or talking down to them. A simple please and thank you immediately makes you more friendly. Praise your employees on a job well done too; no one wants to work with a boss who only speaks to them when they have something negative to say.

Think of Them During the Holidays

A Christmas bonus isn’t the only thing that’s nice to receive for the holidays. Personalised ecards from services such as Ecard Shack will let your employees know you’re thinking of them. If it’s feasible, you can go as far as to include the names of their partner and children. Offering flexible time off for holidays will endear your employees to you too, so try to do so if it’s possible. Christmas presents are always good too, and they don’t have to be in the form of money. Organising something like a Secret Santa is fun too. Get the whole company involved, so the cleaner could be buying for the CEO and vice versa.

Throw Parties

Everyone loves a party, whether it’s an annual Christmas shindig or a summer barbecue. Let your employees invite their families along and put games and entertainment on for children. Parties are an excellent chance for people at all levels of the company to mingle and get to know each other, so there’s no great divide between upper and lower levels.


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Feed Them

Food makes everyone happy. You can bring in sandwiches, donuts, cakes or anything else to share around the office. This is a great practice to get everyone bonding in the break room. If you’ve baked or cooked something yourself, it’s even better. You show you’ve put some real effort into providing for your employees.  You can also take employees out for food and drinks, either for special occasions or just because.

By showing your employees you care, they will show they care about the company in return. When workplace morale is high, your employees will work better and harder. Your company will perform better as a whole, which makes you happy in turn.

About The Author

Gus Ba is a serial entrepreneur, web designer, and web developer. He enjoys exploring new opportunities and hopes to one day make a meaningful difference in the world.

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