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5 Shark Tank Products You Might Just Buy

shark tank products you might just buy

This is part 1 of a 2 part series on the ABC show Shark Tank.

One of my favorite Friday night diversions is watching ABC’s “Shark Tank.” If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s a reality TV show that features a panel of seasoned business investors who evaluate different entrepreneurs’ product pitches and decide whether or not they want to invest in an idea.

What makes “Shark Tank” so entertaining is learning about the various product ideas people come up with and seeing if the sharks take the bait and invest.

After seeing a product I like, I often wonder about the entrepreneur’s success after they leave the tank. Even if they didn’t get financing, they still got national exposure for their product.

Was it enough to help them achieve success, and what about contestants who secured investment dollars? Did the money make a difference? Let’s find out. I did a little research and have uncovered what I consider the Top 5 Shark Tank products available for purchase.

Top 5 Shark Tank Products Available for Purchase:

  1. First Defense Nasal Screens  

    first defence nasal screens
    Img via filteryourlife.com

First Defense Nasal Screens (FDNS) are personal anti-viral and anti-allergen nostril filters. Basically, they’re small nostril plugs. The company claims the screens filter inhaled air, which helps remove germs, allergens and other harmful particles.

I can appreciate the desire to breathe cleaner, healthier air but I’m not sure I want to shove something in my nose to achieve it. If you’re not opposed to sticking tiny screens in your nose, you can purchase FDNS on their website.

2.  Mod Mom Furniture 

mod mom furniture
img via modmomfurniture.com

Mod Mom Furniture was one of my favorite shark tank stories and now, shark tank products. I liked owner Kiersten Hathcock, a marketing and training professional who quit corporate America to spend more time with her family.

While at home, she identified a market need for modern-looking toy boxes, so she taught herself how to design and build furniture. Once she mastered that, Hathcock created an internationally known furniture company that creates modern toy boxes and children’s bedroom furniture. Her designs will fit will into any décor. You can purchase one of Kiersten’s designs at Mod Mom Furniture.

3. Toygaroo 

Toygaroo is the Netflix for toys. Subscribers pay a monthly fee that ranges between $24.99 and $52.99 for a box of clean, sanitized toys that are sent to their doorstep every month.

When the child outgrows or loses interest in a toy, subscribers can send it back and select another one from the company’s inventory of 500+ toys. To learn more about the product, you can visit their site at Toygaroo.

Update: Couldn’t find the existence of business as in 2015. 

4. Grill Charms 

grill charms
img via grillcharms.com

Grill Charms are solid stainless steel charms that identify pieces of meat before, during, and after grilling so everyone knows which cut of meat is theirs.

At first I thought this was a trendy idea that would make a great hostess gift, but it wasn’t a true necessity until I read the inventor’s reason for developing the Grill Charms and I changed my mind.

Leslie Haywood, inventor of Grill Charms, was accidently served an extra spicy piece of chicken because her husband forgot which pieces were spicy and mild. After scorching her mouth on the chicken, the idea for Grill Charms was born. The company sells several different kinds of charms. To order charms, visit their website.

5. The Painted Pretzel 

the painted pretzel
img via cnbc

Mmm…chocolate covered pretzels are the best combination for anyone looking to satisfy that salty-sweet craving. Add in some candied sprinkles or m&m’s and I’m in heaven.

It’s a good thing stay-at-home mom, Raven Thomas, started her business, The Painted Pretzel, to gratify our salty-sweet urges. In fact, the Painted Pretzel offers customers close to 200 different variations of pretzel flavors. Check them out at The Painted Pretzel

These are the shark tank products which I think you must buy. So, which of these products are you interested in purchasing?

Tyler McMillan