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Presentation Is Key – Your First Trade Show - Startup Champ

When setting up a display at an event it’s half the battle one if your stall is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Customers are going to be enticed by a good-looking display that crisp and clean, with simple and comprehensible signs. Nothing too complicated, and no stale coffee cups and sandwich wrappers on the edge of the table.


Banner Up

When choosing your display stands, there’s a lot to take into account. Don’t try to squeeze as much information on there as is physically possible, as it will just end up looking messy and confusing. Figure out a slick design with a catchy few words to very briefly describe your product, if the title of your company doesn’t do this already. Eye-catching is important, but stay clear of aggressive neon colours, as this will give people enough of a headache that they will avoid coming face to face with your banner displays for too long.

Tactical Placement

If you have a few banner displays to go around, think carefully about where you’re going to put them. Figure out where customers are going to be entering and exiting a venue, as in clear sight of the doors is a prime spot to put a display piece or sign. Anywhere that people can loiter with food or drink is a goldmine as well, so make sure to be acutely observant of your surroundings.

Presentation is Key

Don’t slack on your display because it’s too much effort. Go whole hog, but don’t feel like you have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve a handsome display. Tablecloths and an abundance of flexible table lamps go a long way, especially as the latter can be used to highlight various signs, forms, or products. Table clothes that reach the floor also offer ideal concealment of personal belongings, stock and clutter.

What’s Your Hook?

Decide on a hook for customers, whether it’s discounted products or even just freebies on your stall. Everyone likes to feel like they’ve got a good deal, even if it’s just on a pen or key ring with a logo. This is an age old ‘two birds, one stone’ trick, as it acts as free advertising too.

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