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10 Things that make you less productive at work

less productive at work

The main thing that matters at work is your productivity. If you’re less productive at work, not only you would face the wrath of your clients or manager but also you would ruin your personal and professional life. And I certainly don’t want that and that’s why I thought of sharing 10 things that help me to be productive at ...

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How To Get People Trust Your Business?

people doing a handshake trust your business

The most important thing your business needs to do to get established and make a lot of money is gain the trust of the prospective clients. If your clients don’t trust you, there is no way for making sales and do any business. But how are you going to do that? How to get people trust your business? Be personal: ...

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The Deep Connection Of Depression And Entrepreneurship

depression and entrepreneurship

Depression and entrepreneurship – aren’t these two things totally unrelated?  Who talks about depression while talking about this awesome profession? An entrepreneur is a person at whom all the school going kids look upon. They consider them their role models but what would they think when they would know that their role model is battling depression? Depression is real and ...

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Is Innovation for the challenging behaviours the next big thing?

innovation for autistic

What is happening in the world for the people with challenged behaviour? We can’t just let them be as they’re. While new innovations are taking the technology market by storm, innovation for the challenging behaviours is rare, but MUCH NEEDED. Does that mean there are no innovations for the people who have some kinds of disorders? Is there nothing that ...

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5 Must Have Technology for Startup Businesses

Must Have Technology for Startup Businesses

Setting up a new business can be an exciting time, but achieving success as your own boss isn’t easy. Sadly, many startup enterprises fail. Highlighting this fact in an interview with the Guardian, businessman and ex-Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis noted that 50 per cent of all small businesses in Britain fail within the first couple of years. One of ...

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