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Just How Important is Social Media to a Small Business

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The World of Social Media According to Statistics
  • About 62% of grown-ups around the world and 90% of marketers are on various social media channels.
  • Approximately 65% of major enterprises globally own an active Twitter account.
  • An estimated 91% of trained marketing agents have observed a substantial boost in their site traffic after integrating their campaign with social media strategies.
  • Facebook has approximately 901 million active members, while Twitter has roughly 500 million.
  • YouTube obtains about 4 billion views each day.

Now what do these astounding numbers tell you?

Obviously, it tells you that social media is currently the “biggest thing” with users from various parts of the globe. But on a deeper note, it is also an effective way to stand out in a fickle, fast-paced, and technology-dependent community.

Social Networks vs. Social Media

The former generally consists of peers who have common interests and ideas. It may also make up of individuals who look for and share insights with the primary intention of helping each other arrive at wiser decisions.

The latter, on the other hand, is more about the communication means of online networks. These typically comprise of innovative approaches such as blogging, sharing videos and/or photos, social bookmarking, posting messages, tweeting, etc.

Given this information, you probably have a small idea on the significance of both elements. Then again, it applies mostly to the general public.

This brings us to the question, “How important is social networking to your business?”. Well, here are some of the most pressing answers.

1. It is a simple yet effective marketing medium.

With the numerous benefits of the Web, it serves as a fantastic platform for promoting your offers. You do not have to spend an inordinate amount of time planning, designing, and discussing creative advertising concepts.

A simple post, tweet, or viral image involving your brand will go a long way in conveying your sales pitch.

If you wish to make the most of your fan pages, you must set specific goals, such as the following:

  • boost website traffic
  • promote a new line of products
  • re-market an old service

By doing so, you will know which networking site can provide you with the best possible results. For example, Facebook is great for product advertisements, while Twitter and blogging is better for building your online reputation.

2. It yields fast and measurable results.

Hmm, you may think this a difficult feat given, right?

Well, you can easily keep track of your fan pages’ success using any of these analytics tools.

  • HootSuite
  • Klout
  • Facebook Search
  • Social Mention
  • SocialPointer
  • Wildfire
  • Cyfe

These services (not exhaustive of all your choices) allow you to monitor follower growth, brand sentiment, comprehend the social world, identify the most reputable individuals, and create reports (to name some fundamental functions). You can even integrate some of these with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

And through the data, which you have gathered using these applications, you can formulate the next steps to boosting your marketing campaign.

3. It builds your online reputation.

How do you stand out from the millions of e-stores and enterprises online?

The answer is easy—be visible.

Social networks help develop your own community of clients and business affiliates. And, through constant interaction with them, you can gradually create a credible image. As a result, you can gain recognition in your target market (whether local or global).

4. It is a personal approach.

Generally, your target customers have certain needs and interests. Being an entrepreneur, you must learn what these are to be able to cater to them effectively.

If you won’t, they will likely turn to other companies who can provide their specifications.

And what better way to know what they want than to be part of their network.

Not only this, social networking allows you to market your offers creatively yet subtly, which is possible through photo or video sharing and posting events.

5. It boosts site traffic.

“How?”, you may wonder.

Google is now combining its SERPs with personalised queries. This means that your posts, tweets, and image shares may just end up in search results.

You can also generate traffic by putting your website, webpage, or blog article link on your profile field or by including these in your updates.


Social networks show no signs of stopping. They’ll continue to be a pervading presence in business operations, which will forever change the way we perceive marketing and branding.

Emma Tomlinson