What Stops Us From Being An Exception?

Why people fail being an exception?

It is much easier to build something from scratch than taking over from someone who has already established a really good thing. Well, this wasn’t a beginning I planned for my first article on StartupChamp but that’s how I really feel. I was told to write a post so as to formally introduce me as the new caretaker of this ... Read More »

10 Business Tips for Smart Inventory Management

Most of the small businesses work in retail, and if that’s you, then it’s imperative that you have an effective inventory management in place in order to drive efficiency and minimize shipping time. Like so many other elements of running your own business, inventory management can be a challenge, so here’s 10 smart business tips for managing your inventory efficiently: ... Read More »

Escape The Grind: How To Run A Start-Up Abroad

Thanks to Mercedes Dayanara for the image. The allure of emigrating and starting a new life is a strong one. Many have a burning desire to be free of the 9-5 grind and set up shop on a remote beach somewhere. Perhaps you have retirement plans to set up a small business in a warmer climate. Maybe you’re a savvy ... Read More »

How to Decide the Dress Code for Your Startup  

Creating a startup is a lot like building your dream job. You’re likely doing work you’re passionate about in a way you’re passionate about. And almost all of the rules on how to run it are up to you, including the dress code for your new business. Why do you need a dress code in the first place? Because you ... Read More »

8 Things You can do to Increase Business Exposure

Increasing your exposure will benefit you in a number of ways. No matter what it is you’re trying to do, whether you simply want to get more press or drive more sales, increasing your exposure can help. The following 8 ideas should do the trick: Image Credit: Flickr 1.  Write Useful Content If you write content that is useful to ... Read More »

Guide: Why Going Green Helps Your Bottom Line as Well as the Environment

In the current dog-eat-dog world of business, it’s more difficult than ever make a profit, or even just to break even. With the perhaps shocking statistic that 80% of all small business start-ups fail in their first year, it’s crucial that all businesses do what they can to improve their chances of keeping their heads above the water. Although many ... Read More »

Business Idea: Start Your Own Property Conveyancing Business

If you want to work in the property market, then you might consider a job as a licensed conveyancer. Better yet, you could start your own property conveyancing business! However, you will need to get your foot on the ladder first and work your way up to the top. This guide will talk you through what you must do if ... Read More »

Five Inner Secrets All Startups Should Know But Probably Don’t

The wealth of information that exists on the World Wide Web concerning the dos and don’ts for budding entrepreneurs thinking of starting their own company is enough to keep them reading for the rest of their lives. And as we all know, running your own company is an extremely time consuming, at times unrelenting process that gives you little time ... Read More »

3 Key Things To Know About Modified Shipping Container

For most people or companies, purchasing a shipping container is quite a substantial investment. If you take good care of your shipping container, you can make sure that it is in excellent condition for many years to come. There are shipping containers for sale in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and everywhere else in Australia; and they are available in a range ... Read More »

Be a Startup Champ: Awesome Motivational Video for All Creative and Startup Entrepreneurs

Put Forth The Idea Before It is Too Late and Believe in Yourself. YOU GOT THIS !!! Source:       Read More »

Video: Here’s To The Crazy Ones Who Think Different and Change The World

Because the only people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can ... Read More »

$10 Billion Startup Club of 2014 : Startups That Are Transforming the World!

Some Of The Highest Valued Startups To Watch For. One of the reasons most of us start our own ventures is so that we can be our own boss and pursue our own passions and do it with a goal that one day we can help transform the industry and the world to make it big. At one point, if ... Read More »