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Beta Testing a WordPress Theme - Startup Champ

While scrolling down my Facebook news-feed one night I saw a message from CyberChimps Themes, one of my favorite WordPress theme developers. The message stated they were looking for beta testers for the brand new WordPress framework they were going to roll out in all of their themes in the up coming year. I quickly contacted them and told them about my interest in helping in this process. They added me to the beta testing list and I have been testing this new framework for the past two weeks.

This is my first time beta testing a WordPress theme. I find the process fascinating. The CyberChimps team is using BaseCamp.com to receive feedback from us and give us updates on new versions and fixes within the framework. I find this program very effective and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to collaborate on a project over the Internet with others. This website allows for the sharing of big files, commenting on forum like areas, and adding to-do lists as well.

The process of beta testing has taught me how to evaluate themes more effectively, look for bugs and flaws, and has taught me about great plugins that can help beta test other new themes as well. I actually did find a few bugs that helped the developers perfect their framework.

I recommend anyone testing out themes to use these plugins:


This has been a great experience and has come with some cool perks too. In exchange for my time and services CyberChimps gave me access to all of their pro themes. I will be testing out some of these new themes soon and writing more reviews on CyberChimps’ themes, which I already love!

I will update you guys soon on when the new framework will be rolled out to the public so you too can see the great work the CyberChimps have done.

About The Author

Jordan Banafsheha is a freelance web developer and blogger. Visit hispolitical memes blog or check out his website design company for info on his development services.

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