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About Us - Startup Champ

About Us

Welcome to Startup Champ!

If there’s one thing that the editors here at Startup Champ know it’s a startup atmosphere and getting things done. They started this blog to help, inform, and most importantly feature great startups who are doing amazing things.

Editor in Chief


Hi, my name is Neet Narula and I like startups (a lot), traveling (tremendously) and helping people (the most).  I have been very blessed, been given more than I deserve and living a life that is truly a dream. I came to US 16 years ago with nothing but $93 in my pocket and a heart full of ambitions. Since then, I graduated from Michigan State University (Go Spartans) and have studied at Georgetown (MBA) and Stanford Business School (Executive) which led me to work to the top of Corporate America.

I am a former senior executive at a Big 3 consulting firm and was honored as “Top 30 Consultants” in America by Consulting Magazine. Since then, I’ve started two companies and two social enterprises, all with the goal of helping change the world (in some tiny bit) for the better.

Over the course of building these companies and organizations I’ve been lucky enough to receive incredible advice from amazing mentors. This blog is a way to share some of my life lessons and the things I’ve learned from my mentors and friends along this journey to all those who are starting their new ventures or hacking it up in the startup world.

Besides all else, this blog also allows me an outlet to share about all things I love, including tennis, travel and food.

You’re awesome, feel free to connect with me on twitter at @NavneetNarula

Manpreet - founder of finixpost.com

Manpreet Kaur

I am Manpreet and I’m a blogger & writer by profession. Who isn’t interested to start ones own company and be ones own boss? But seldom people know how to actually make that happen. Those people don’t just get it in their genes. They learn it through their life experiences and by reading stories and articles about entrepreneurship, business, making money and so on. And platforms like Startup Champ intend to assist  such people in achieving BIG.

I manage all the aspects of Startup Champ ranging from writing, publishing to business. For writing, my focus would be on marketing, branding and social media for those are the fields which have taught me a lot of lessons which need to be shared.

Feel free to contact me at startupchamp@gmail.com or connect with me on twitter @manpreet1011





Ashley Case

                   Corporate Social Responsibility Editor

Ashley is the community manager of Startup Champ. She is a rising entrepreneur with an online retail business ‘American Underground LLC’.  Graduate of Georgia Tech.  Formerly an executive with Accenture, working with Fortune 500’s including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Diageo, Kraft Foods, and Miller Coors.  She has lived and worked in 10 countries across the globe, spanning North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  Among her most interesting projects, she spent a year working with a brewery in South Africa and six months at a mine site in Mongolia.  Ashley is keen to share her experiences and provide practical knowledge on how to succeed in business – and have fun while doing so!  She enjoys singing, theater and all things creative.


Jennifer McKenna 

            Leadership and Change Management Editor

Jennifer is Startup Champ’s voice for Leadership and Change Management. Dubbing herself as a Change Facilitator, JMac developed her own program twelve years ago, guiding clients of all sectors and size through the powerful process of transformation. Known as a pattern recognition specialist, JMac identifies the unconscious patterns that prohibit growth and inhibit success. Having created several tools to empower her clients to bring their vision to fruition, she has been credited for her client’s dramatic breakthroughs and measurable victories. With an early career as a non-profit executive, JMac is driven by a passion for mission-based businesses and continuously motivates others to deliberately choose a higher purpose in their work and everyday decision-making. This is where she believes exceptional leadership is born.


     Marc Angelo

                   Sustainability and Green Business Editor

Marc Angelo is addicted to learning which has spawned a serial entrepreneurship career. From marketing to sustainability he has now established himself as the head of four organizations from a marketing Agency – a private leadership and lifestyle coaching business – Founder of Valhalla Movement Foundation looking to make sustainability mainstream and a start up crowdsourcing platform called Greenseed. He is passionate about opening peoples minds and empowering them to step into their greatness and actively be the superheroes they look up to.


 Keisha Cameron

            Diversity and Human Relations Editor 

Keisha is a social entrepreneur, cross-cultural communications specialist, and the guru of culture innovation. She is passionate about promoting mutual understanding between corporate, government and social cultures through engagement, hospitality and play. Studied in socio-cultural anthropology and seasoned with over a decade of brand marketing expertise, Keisha’s enthusiasm for life and living are evident in her ability to craft cross-cultural experiences that tell stories and build bridges between both people and ideas. She designs multicultural community engagement programs, helping others facilitate changes that leverage diversity and increase inter-cultural communication and collaboration.


Carly Mearman 

    Health and Life Wellness Editor

Carly is a recent graduate of National Personal Training Institute and is preparing for her NASM exams She recently relocated to Atlanta, GA from New York City and received a bachelors degree in communication from Endicott College. As a young entrepreneur, she has multitude of experiences, ranging from two years experience in the television industry, where she worked for two Emmy award winning television shows. She also gained experience within public relations and program editing. Carly is a positive, exciting, and well rounded entrepreneur, ready to take on any challenge and right now is writing about health and wellness to inspire entrepreneurs to live a well balanced life.


, Graduate of Babson College and former CEO of a socially responsible web hosting company. Gus has been involved in startups almost his entire life. He can attest first hand to the drive and knowhow needed to make an idea into a reality, and sense of pride that comes from creating a successful business that makes a difference.

Dylan, Graduate of the UMass Amherst has worked his entire post-graduate career in online marketing. He loves the creativity involved and the dynamic landscape of the industry. He’s learned a lot and starting a blog was the next logical step. He looks forward to your feedback, and don’t worry he has thick skin and plenty of tissues.

Writers Wanted !

Startup Champ is looking for other contributors, if you want to write for us we’d love to take a look at some of your work!