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If there’s one thing that the editors here at Startup Champ know it’s a startup atmosphere and getting things done. They started this blog to help, inform, and most importantly feature great startups who are doing amazing things.



Hi, my name is Neet Narula and I like startups (a lot), traveling (tremendously) and helping people (the most).  I have been very blessed, been given more than I deserve and living a life that is truly a dream. I came to US 16 years ago with nothing but $93 in my pocket and a heart full of ambitions. Since then, I graduated from Michigan State University (Go Spartans) and have studied at Georgetown (MBA) and Stanford Business School (Executive) which led me to work to the top of Corporate America.

I am a former senior executive at a Big 3 consulting firm and was honored as “Top 30 Consultants” in America by Consulting Magazine. Since then, I’ve started two companies and two social enterprises, all with the goal of helping change the world (in some tiny bit) for the better.

Over the course of building these companies and organizations I’ve been lucky enough to receive incredible advice from amazing mentors. This blog is a way to share some of my life lessons and the things I’ve learned from my mentors and friends along this journey to all those who are starting their new ventures or hacking it up in the startup world.

Besides all else, this blog also allows me an outlet to share about all things I love, including tennis, travel and food.

You’re awesome, feel free to connect with me at – StartupChamp@gmail.com



, Graduate of Babson College and former CEO of a socially responsible web hosting company. Gus has been involved in startups almost his entire life. He can attest first hand to the drive and knowhow needed to make an idea into a reality, and sense of pride that comes from creating a successful business that makes a difference.

Dylan, Graduate of the UMass Amherst has worked his entire post-graduate career in online marketing. He loves the creativity involved and the dynamic landscape of the industry. He’s learned a lot and starting a blog was the next logical step. He looks forward to your feedback, and don’t worry he has thick skin and plenty of tissues.


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