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7 Ways to Boost Your Business’s Productivity


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Your business is going well, and you’re making a profit, but there’s a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you could be doing even better. While growth is something that every business strives for, it can be achieved by making your current work force more productive.

Here are our 7 top tips to boosting your business’s efficiency.

Outsource Processes

If your employees are spending time in their day to day work lives doing things other than what they’re qualified for, such as sorting mail or acting as a receptionist, then that is time that can be better spent elsewhere. Outsourcing certain business processes such as these can improve productivity by making your staff more efficient.

Empower Your Employees

One of the best ways to improve staff productivity is to make them happy. This is particularly true of your customer service staff, who when faced with problems they can’t solve, feel essentially useless. So, make sure that your customer facing staff can be useful by giving them the power to solve customers’ problems there and then. This keeps them happy, the customer happy, and their managers are free to tend to their important duties, rather than sorting out customer problems.

Engage Your Employees

Most employees would much rather be working in a team that they are committed to, as opposed to an organisation that they are a member of. This means that it’s important to make sure your employees are engaged in their jobs. Ask them what they want from their jobs, what they want to improve and in which areas they want to grow. Work with them to make sure that they are getting what they want in their jobs with you.

Recognise Your Staff’s Achievements

Following on from this, praising your staff for their good work and showing them the impact of their work is a great way to make them happy. Recognition is often a more powerful motivator than money, as shown in this study.

Improve the Way You Work

Offer rewards and incentives for those who can come up with a more efficient way of doing something. The more time saved, the bigger the reward. This encourages your staff to think about ways in which to improve your business, and means that they will feel valued as their work is actively contributing to an efficient process.

Offer Training to all Employees

Make sure that every level of employee has the training that they want or need. Some companies focus too much on the higher and lower levels of employees and the supervisors and middle managers are left without the training they need.

Invest in the Best Tech

The technology that your company uses can often be limited by the technology that your employees use. Make sure that essential items like your internet connection and computers are up to standard so there are no connectivity issues affecting productivity. The best applications or software can also improve your staff’s productivity, as there could be something made for your business out there, you just don’t know it.