5 Vital Reasons To Hire A Graphic Designer

5 Vital Reasons To Hire A Graphic Designer



Every company in the world will need design from time to time. If you just need a one-off design, then you might look online to outsource the project. Attempting to survive as a design heavy company without a graphic designer is the worst thing you can do. Of all the staff you have to hire, a graphic designer should be your main priority. Think about it – the designer creates the look of your company. Without a coherent design style, your company will look like a mishmash of bad and good design. The company’s look is the first thing that customers will notice when they search for your company. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a company by its design. Here are five vital reasons that you need to hire a graphic designer for your company.

Outsourcing Design Means You’ll Get Poor Work

There is a temptation to outsource design work for your company. Of course, buying work online is cheaper than paying someone a salary in-house. You may think that there is not enough work to take on a designer full-time, but there are hundreds of ways in which you can use a designer. When you buy work online, you don’t know who you are dealing with at all. You will never meet the person who is doing your work, and you don’t know whether you can trust them. Likewise, they don’t know whether they can trust you. Using websites such as Elance and Freelancer means that you could end up with poor work for which you will still have to pay.

Website Themes Never Look Original

There is an art to web design. When people come to your company’s website, they are judging you as a company. If your site is a Theme Forest template, people will know. They may have seen ten other websites with the same theme already. Themes never look original and make your company look less professional. People will assume that you can’t afford bespoke design and that you are not a stable business. That won’t make them want to work with you. Hiring a proper designer will mean that you can choose your website and make sure it is unique to your brand.

A Designer Can Create Unique Promotional Tools

A common mistake, when it comes to hiring a designer, is to assume that all designers do is design websites and logos. That is just not the case. You need a designer for every aspect of your business. Once your designer has created your website and logo, they will have yet more work to do. Your promotional material should match your company’s theme. Your designer can create flyers and infographics to promote your company. Infographics in particular can go viral, read how here http://www.highimpact.co.uk/seo-blog/top-tips-getting-infographic-shared. If your designer creates a bespoke infographic for your company, people will share it online.

Having An In-House Designer Makes Your Working Life Easy

Say you need a last minute change doing to a specific design. If you’d outsourced the design, you’d need to spend time contacting the designer and negotiating an extra fee. The original designer might not have time to deal with you right away, so you’d need to work with someone else. If you do so, you might end up making a mess of the original design. Having someone in-house who can sort out minor issues will make your life less stressful.

Designers Have Creative Minds, And You Need To Use Them

By their nature, graphic designers have creative minds. They wouldn’t have chosen to go into this career if they weren’t creative people. Having a designer in your office means that you can tap into that creativity. The designer is more than just a Mac-monkey, they are a person to bounce ideas off and someone who will help you with your business image.