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5 Basic Marketing Tactics to Attract Targeted Traffic - Startup Champ


When your marketing isn’t hitting the right audience, then you might as well be throwing away advertising money out the window because that’s basically what you’re doing. It’s time to stop wasting your precious ads on people who aren’t interested in what you’re selling and focus in on your target market.

In able to find your target audience there are a few things you need to incorporate into your marketing. The following are 5 basic marketing tactics that’s sure to draw out your main audience and attract targeted traffic to your business.

Customize Your Ads Toward Your Audience

You want to create ads that really speak to your audience. For example, if your business is about providing pet grooming services then you might want to incorporate a picture of a cat and a dog as well as engaging messages such as “Your four-legged friend needs a haircut!”. Anything that would catch the attention of a pet owner is what you want to focus your ad message around because they are who you’re targeting.

Use bold fonts and relevant content, images, graphics, and words that will really be visible to your audience. Make your ads unique and eye-catching, even if that means putting out “ugly” ads.

Utilize Out Door Marketing Strategies

Online advertising is a great form of marketing, but it’s not the only way you can reach your future clients and customers. There are still plenty of people out from behind the computer screens; walking, jogging, biking, and driving around your local areas and cities that may happen across one of the flyers you’re handing out, or your ads you posted on a window display, or a poster that you hung up in the bus station, or the billboard you’re paying for every month.

Even though we are living in a technology and internet driven age, outdoor marketing is still very much alive and well and will always be a valuable tool that will help to expand your reach, increase visibility and overall profitability. If the popular name brands and big companies are still using them, then why shouldn’t we?

Place Your Ads Where Your Market Would See It

You have to be strategic when placing your ads. Randomly placing them in busy areas isn’t always the best method especially when you’re trying to reach a specific group of people. Sure you’ll get a lot of foot traffic and many people will see your ads, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will result in them taking action or you making money. Start thinking like your target market and have your ads where you know they will be. If you sell health products, supplements, vitamins, and the like then the best location for your campaigns would be near gyms, health food stores, health spas or even health care clinics because the people coming in and out of these establishments are most likely the same people you want to market to. The individuals who see your ads will be better qualified, better targeted and most likely, more inclined to respond to them then just any person on the street.

And don’t just stop at one location; pace several ads in several different locations. More ads means more reach and eventually more potential customers. If the visits to your stores increase and your phones are continually ringing, then that means you’re placing your adds efficiently.

Hold Outdoor Events, Surveys, Product Presentations, Etc.

Sometimes your targeted traffic isn’t always going to be flocking to you, instead you need to go to them and literally put your product or service in front of their faces. Engage your potential market with small events that might include taking surveys, giving away samples, having a product presentation or demonstrations. In doing so you’ll be able to hone in on more of your targets, especially the ones that are active and will most likely convert to a sale.

You might also notice that when you have one or two individual’s attention, crowds made from highly qualified and interested people will start to slowly and surely form. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Follow Up With Every Lead

There’s no one better targeted for your business than people who’ve already shown interest in your product or service in the past. If you’ve collected emails, phone numbers or other contacts from previous events or ads then make it a point to follow up with those leads. A quick phone call or a simple email reminding them about their earlier inquiry and your business can spark that interest once again.

Sometimes it takes that little nudge or extra step to get people to take action. Other times, people just forget and need a friendly reminder.

Apply these 5 basic marketing tactics and you’ll see the positive impact it can make on your business when you’re reaching out to people who actually want what you have to offer.

This guest article is a work of James Andrews from Big Balloon Store

About The Author

Gus Ba is a serial entrepreneur, web designer, and web developer. He enjoys exploring new opportunities and hopes to one day make a meaningful difference in the world.

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