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4 Business Loan Alternatives for Your Company

Business loans are typical solutions to different problems. A business line of credit can be used to expand production, meet payroll or gain discounts for bulk purchases. Term loans allow you to buy equipment, company vehicles or refinance existing debt. However, many entrepreneurs do not qualify for financing. There are several reasons for this, which include: l  Industry (Bars, Restaurants, ...

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Need Startup Capital? Try the Syndicate!

Capital is crucial to the success of any business. In many instances, capital is the first tangible roadblock the would-be entrepreneur must overcome. Some choose bootstrapping; others borrow on their credit cards, and an intrepid few seek out angel investors and vulture (I mean venture) capitalists. Fewer still, are sought out by VC’s and angel investors. Many entrepreneurs are reluctant ...

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Ideal Customer Profiling – Why It’s Essential to Small Business Success

Ask many small business owners who their target audience is and they will say ‘everyone’.What this often means is that they really don’t know. Defining your audience is an important thing to do in order to grow your business – and one of the most effective ways to do this is to create an Ideal Customer Profile. Creating Your Ideal ...

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