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The Pros & Cons of Running a Franchised Hotel


Maybe you are a savvy business operator, with a nice wad of capital in your back pocket. Or perhaps the recession has helped you see that now is the time to join the national tourism industry in enticing people to make vacations in their own country. However, you may have come to the conclusion that while you would like to ... Read More »

The functionality of VoIP and the advantages it can offer your business


The fact that the technology is linked to the Internet also brings the advantage of integrating VoIP phones to other services such as video chat, instant messenger clients, file sharing and management of phone books, Microsoft produce software called Lync, it may be of interest to you if you want to integrate instant messenger, file sharing, etc. with your other ... Read More »

Five Helpful Tips For Making an Impression On Clients

Five Helpful Tips For Making an Impression On Clients

When meeting a client, you obviously want to make the best possible impression. At the same time, you don’t want to go overboard or make a mistake that backfires. What are some effective actions you can take to impress clients? 1. Do Your Research. The single most important thing you can do before meeting a client is to do some ... Read More »