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The Expert Marketing Model For B2B

b2b marketing

What is B2B? A service business is a business which sells services directly to other businesses. Marketing a service business can be more difficult than marketing a business selling products, because they are trying to sell an idea rather than a product.

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The Tablet Shopper Revolution [INFOGRAPHIC]


There is a good possibility that you are reading this blog post on a tablet. There is another strong possibility that you will soon make a purchase on your tablet. Tablets have quickly become the mobile solution for not only accessing the web, but for shopping, reading and other activities.

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Social Media: The Shiny Toolbox for Business

Social Media tools

Over the years and, it seems, from day to day social media have increasingly empowered people as social beings and as consumers. Through the many and varying channels of social media, opinions are easily made, expressed, and swayed whenever you please, wherever you please.

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How to Start up a Web Based Business From Home

Online business

The first step when you start a web based business from home is, of course, choosing what you are going to do – and providing you have a reliable Internet connection, the sky really is the limit.

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Communication is Key in Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan

Communication is Key When Designing a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan A disaster can strike at any time. The best thing that a company can do to ensure continued operation throughout this disaster is to be prepared with a solid DR plan.

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Is Dropshipping the Right Model for Your Startup?

Startup Dropshipping

One of the best ways to launch an online retail start-up is by using a dropship model. Dropshipping is the act of partnering with wholesalers who will stock and ship products on a retailers behalf.

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Just How Important is Social Media to a Small Business

Small Business Social Media

The World of Social Media According to Statistics About 62% of grown-ups around the world and 90% of marketers are on various social media channels.

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How To Start An Online Business On A Shoestring Budget

Shoestring Budget

Using the internet it is pretty easy to save money on business costs, but one way or another running a business is still expensive and starting one is inevitably a big risk… Normally.

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Doing Small Business Social Media Right

Small Busines social media

It cannot be underestimated how important the utilisation of Social Media can be for a small business, or indeed, any business. By communication directly with the public, you gain valuable insight into their needs, their wants and their motivations.

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Customer Service – 4 Reasons it’s Good For Business, Bad for Branding

Customer service

It’s the rookie mistake of small business people everywhere; they cling to customer service as their unique selling position.  They claim to do it differently, to do it better and to do it without fault or flaw.  While this is spectacular news for existing customers, it’s largely ignored by new ones

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7 Ways to get more out of Reddit

reddit tips

We all know how important social media is and how powerful it can be for bringing in potential leads or followers. There is a lot to gain here and this is why so many bloggers and webmasters try and use things like social media monitoring tools

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New Startup: MoodUp


Every one of us have different needs All of us want things that would make them happy. But things change when you become a parent.  So what do parents dream of? First of all they wish for healthy kids. They want to raise them to be successful and self-supporting.

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