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WordPress Theme Series: Business Pro 3.0

Wordpress theme

CyberChimps makes great WordPress themes. I have used many of their themes for my customers and have always been happy with how they work. And for those of you readers who aren’t as experienced as me in WordPress, when you buy a theme from them they offer a support forum Read More »

Sustainable Startup Life

Healthy Living

The Cause Aside from the glamorous and fictional life of startups portrayed in films like the Social Network, most entrepreneurs I know work too much, eat too poorly, and exercise too little. Read More »

Innovative Strategies To Be Successful With Mobile eCommerce

Mobile ecommerece copy

Prime Strategy – Technical Assurance The foremost step to make sure that you are completely ready to compete with the tough competitors in the Mobile arena is to make the right choice of Mobile eCommerce App developer to develop your app. Read More »

A Business Case for Agile Software Development

Business software development

There are a variety of methodologies available for software development, but agile software development stands out among them by offering several distinct business benefits. Agile software development is supported by a set of guidelines outlined in the Agile Manifesto. Read More »

Building Your New Brand on Social Media in 5 Simple Steps

Social media branding

So you’ve started your business and heard the buzz about social media, but don’t know where to start? Take a deep breath and have no fear—in a few simple steps you can set yourself up for success. Read More »

Social Media Guide For Small Business

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There has been an explosive growth of businesses using social media networking sites over the past few years. Businesses use social media for 5 main reasons Read More »

10 Traits of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur traits

The thought of owning a business can be very alluring—setting your own hours, making lots of money and hiring your dream team of employees. But many individuals who have these dreams fall short of turning them into reality because they lack the necessary characteristics to make them happen. Read More »

Founders: Stop Coding

Many, if not most, modern start-up companies are founded by coders. The internet has changed the status-quo completely. Any little squirt with a bright idea and a laptop can now code their way into business folklore. Read More »

Nerds are the New Cool Kids

Revenge of the nerds

Throughout the Eighties and Nineties, popular culture remained true to a well-known set of archetypes derived from our universal experience in High School. Most of us were either unnoticed, or slid neatly into the role of Athlete, Cheerleader or Nerd. Read More »

Managing Your Business’ Money Online

Managing money online

Setting up a business is an exciting prospect, but with it comes a range of responsibilities that can be alien to most people new to going it alone. Read More »

Should Small Businesses Use Branded Promo Products?

Branded promotional products

“Should I purchase branded promotional products?” That’s a question every entrepreneur eventually asks themselves. Key chains, mini flashlights, pens, and Frisbees are all items you’ve seen with the logo of your real estate office, insurance agent, or local bank. And too often, they just end up in the trash. Read More »

Top 3 Tips for Brand Recognition

small business branding

If you spend much time around children, you know that they can spot a pair of golden arches from five states away. Take a moment and consider how brilliant that is, at least from McDonald’s perspective. Read More »