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Reasons to Start An Ecommerce Business During A Recession


It’s hardly breaking news that both Europe and the United States are going through some tough economic times at the moment. One of the sectors most affected has been retail with a number of big names hitting serious trouble. Read More »

6 Awesome Tools to Make Your Boss Love Remote Working


Technology in the modern world is so amazing that it has literally transformed what is possible in the work place. Millions of people are now able to work remotely from wherever they want to work from. The vast majority of these people also cite an increase in productivity, happiness and passion for their job. Read More »

When Your Business Has to Say No

Saying no in business

There are few periods of a business’s lifecycle that can match the harrowing nature of the very first six months.  Typically debt has been incurred, organizational structures are still settling into place, and revenues are (hopefully) slowly beginning to trickle in, but are not at a sustainable level, let alone exceedingly profitable. Read More »

Help Your Employee’s Development and Management With Career Assessment Tools


A career assessment is a tool, similar to a test, that is used within career development and career management programs. These tests are designed to help people articulate their skills, interests and values in order to engage employees and get them on track for growth in their careers. Read More »

4 Good SEO Tips for New Travel Website Owners

Learn SEO

Whether you’ve been blogging for sometime or you just recently created a blog for your travel agency, search engine optimization is something you need to stay on top of if you aim to reach search engine visitors. Read More »

How A Small Business Can Combine Online And Offline Marketing

Marketing and strategy

After you get the hang of online marketing, you will realize that it can be very helpful for your business. This will allow you to promote your site and increase your profit in a matter of several months. Read More »

Share Tank Ideas That Never Made It

Shark Tank

This is part 2 of a Shark Tank series from Tyler McMillan on some more startup ideas that never quite made it… ABC’s reality TV show “Shark Tank” provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to pitch their business concept to five wealthy, motivated investors. Read More »

6 Must Know Tips to Empower Your Startup Through Social Media


As people often say, the beginning is half the battle. The same is true in startup businesses. The start is considered one of the most vital phases in creating a business. It can be one that makes or breaks your business. Read More »

When to Create Business Tools In House


As the Co-Founders of a small business with clients across the country, we found ourselves with a problem. Everyday we held webinars with potential clients, introducing them to our business and trying to do so persuasively. Read More »

Small Business Adwords Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google Adwords

Simply Business has come out with a great interactive infographic for Google Adwords. A guide for any new online marketer to get their toes wet. Read More »

How to Convince Customers to Trust Your Online Business

Trust Fall

Any business owner knows the importance of establishing credibility for the business. If people do not trust the business or are unsure as to whether or not the business is legitimate, they are not likely to make purchases from the business. Read More »

7 Things to Know Before Going After a VC

Venture Capitalist super hero

Most entrepreneurs see venture capital as the saving grace for their business idea.  I mean, having someone hand you millions to run a company with the ultimate goal of going public seems great. Read More »